eMule with webserver to AZBOX

Good for all.
Let me share with you a version of aMule that I have compiled for our AZBOX. Bring including webserver. If you want to use webserver on your pc you can instalare the aMulegui (matter of taste ...).

Just you have to download the attached file unzip it and move the two files by FTP (amule_azbox.tar.bz2 and install) to your AZBOX (eg to / tmp).

Then enter through telnet, logging and run the installation script:
**** Sh install
By default proposed route / DATA/hdb1 for installation, but you can change it.
We will confirm what you say If ( 'S').
after a while and if no errors and you shall have it ready to set the password for access. Beware: the passwords are MD5 put behind them, for example, to generate the password "mipass" run in terminal: "echo-n mipass | md5sum". What I returned is the string that you have to get into the configuration files (/ root / .aMule / amule.conf and remote.conf).

Once configured run eMule:
/ DATA/hdb1/amule/bin/amuled-f
and if you desire in amuleweb:
/ DATA/hdb1/amule/bin/amuleweb

If you have any problems speak ye. I have it running OK, but my conociminetos on this are limited and do not know if everyone will work correctly.