9Live changes business tack
Jörn Krieger

9liveGerman quiz channel 9Live is changing its concept in order to become less dependent on income derived from call-in TV shows.

“We want to reinvent 9Live as the leading transactional TV channel,” managing director Ralf Bartoleit told industry publication w&v. New to the schedule is a casino programme operated with Swedish partner Betsson.tv, which is now running daily at 21:15 and 1:30 CET. Viewers can take part by calling the advertising-financed programme on a free call number. The viewer who is connected through receives tokens to the value of €50 which can be played according to classical roulette rules.

The second new addition to the programming schedule is the slot Astrokanal (Astro Channel), offering life counselling per telephone which is screened daily on a number of occasions. Bartoleit also wants to enter the “home shopping growth market” as the limitation on TV channels to screen no more than three hours of teleshopping per day will be lifted from next year.

9Live will continue to be present on an international level with call-TV windows in Sweden, Denmark and Hungary. The channel has withdrawn from Russia, Poland and India.

The reason for the change in direction is the media authorities’ game show statute which came into force in February and imposes strict rules on call-TV programmes. Media watchdogs recently fined 9Live €95,000 for violating the new regulations.