Sky1 to screen 'Naked Britain'

Sky1 has commissioned a new documentary series called Naked Britain.

The three-part show, fronted by psychologists Jack Lewis and Anjula Mutanda, will dissect the UK's attitudes to nudity and find out if the country deserves its prudish reputation.

"Naked Britain is a fun and insightful investigation into the nationís changing views towards nudity," said Sky1's Emma Read. "Britain is famously prudish, but this show will challenge that notion and will uncover a whole host of loud and proud nudists."

Lewis added: "I want to test my own attitudes to nudity. I thought it'd be interesting to throw myself in the deep end and see what my prejudices are in certain scenarios.

"Nudity is such a complex subject. When you're a kid, you have no inhibitions, but then puberty happens and the shyness kicks in. Britain also makes an unwavering connection between nudity and sex.

"Scandinavian countries are more open-minded, and are able to separate non-sexual nudity from the sexual. The British can't, it's the Victorian hangover."

The first instalment is scheduled to air Monday, November 2 at 9pm on Sky1. Episode two will air straight after at 9.30pm, with the final part arriving the following week.