Czech TV hit by economic crisis

October 22, 2009

The Czech public broadcaster CT expects to see a CZK200 million (€7.74 million) decline in ad revenue this year.

Quoted in HN, its spokesman Lidislav Sticha said this would be due to the current economic crisis. He added that CT has already spent CZK215 million this year alone on the construction and operation of its DTT multiplex, as well as CZK158 million for digitizing archives. In 2010, the figures will be CZK228 million and CZK122 million respectively.

The economic crisis has also hit the Czech commercial TV sector, and OMD estimates that total TV ad spend will fall from CZK11.49 billion in 2008 to CZK8.39 billion this year, followed by a further decline of 7.3% next year.