Russia Today claims 7m audience
Rose Major

Independent research from Dutch-based Synovate indicates that news channel Russia Today’s viewership is growing.

Telephone research amongst adults aged 21 or over in the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Poland and Serbia, asked questions such as 'Have you watched Russia Today (RT)?' and 'How often do you watch RT?' etc. Synovate found that Russia Today has an audience of 7 million, with over half of those who watched RT citing its independent reporting and good quality programmes as reasons to watch.

Reinier Schaper, Director of Synovate (Netherlands), said: "These figures show that in the five years since it launched RT has gained the trust of audiences across Europe."

The research also found that 12% of European RT viewers watch RT daily and 23% of RT viewers consider RT to be their favourite international news channel, ahead of the other foreign news outlets listed in the survey, which included Euronews, France24, BBC World News, CNN and DW-TV.