InSat Orders Satellite Internet Equipment from Newtec

October 22, 2009

Newtec signed a deal with German Internet service company InSat to provide equipment for a new Internet backbone installation project in the Middle East and Central Asia, Newtec announced Oct. 21.
Newtec will provide InSat with satellite elevation modulators and demodulators for IP trunking applications over satellite in compliance with DVB-S2 standards. The IP links use a 32 APSK modulation and coding scheme.

InSat is implementing this project with a data throughput of nearly 350 megabits per second using three 36 MHz satellite transponders.
In these times of high transponder costs this is an important advantage, especially when you are offering services for economically emerging regions with less purchasing power in relation to the percentage of the population wanting to get connected to the Internet, InSat CEO Valentin Gurinovich said in a statement.