Netris launches end-to-end OTT solution protected by SecureMedia

Russian firm Netris has launched an end-to-end over-the-top (OTT) video solution protected by SecureMedia's Encryptonite ONE System CA/DRM system, providing a cutting-edge solution for secured media delivery over the open Internet.

The solution combines three software products: IPSoft iStream Video Serer, IPSoft iVision PC Solution and the Encryptonite ONE CA/DRM system, enabling streaming or downloaded content to be delivered securely to broadband-connected PCs, and enabling content providers and operators to reach more Internet users and generate additional revenue.

"This solution is designed 'by the industry for the industry' and provides encrypted content delivery (VoD and other top services including progressive downloading features) both within operator network and over broadband Internet", said Alexey Bugay, CEO at Netris. "Its main advantage is that it can be considered as a ready-to-use e-shop model for selling content with security guaranteed by SecureMedia's advanced content protection system. Now, operators and content providers have an opportunity to attract subscribers from all over the world and use this new e-shop model to increase revenue."