Based on the current "Last Summer Dream" image of the AAF board
(Based: Team Ducktales Build rev1494 from 28.09.2009)

Changelog for "Last Summer Dream"

* New boot logo
* Wizard.png exchanged (NG & AAF logo)
* Modified rcS
* Current Satellites.xml (Hotbird 13.0/Astra 19.2)
* Off Timer: "Ask before switching off" by default to "no" is set
* Fixed startup channel adjustable (desired channel set menu -> Extensions -> SetStartChannel -> OK / thx "mgck")
* Skin-AAF-Brushed Aluminum HD swapped the familiar brushed aluminum NG-HD
1. Kathrein logo in the background graphics "discreet" made
2. color adjustment (blue to green, to match the rest of the skin)
3. Infobar top completely removed
4. Cryptanzeige in the bottom info bar moved
5. Emu display shifted to the lower left
6. Volume level decreased and shifted downwards
7. Last station display
8. EPG easier now has more lines and the heading is complete
9. and much more ...
* Skin No-Gfx Reviewed:
1. Show the channel logo in the info bar (Picon)
2. Ad scheduling / Name
3. Optical adjustment of the signal strength indicator
4. Display of the current EMU
5. Graphical adjustment of the program progress display
6. Display Channel Selection adjusted
7. EPG display last
8. Display the Act. Resolution
9. and much more ...
* And a few small changes in detail

NG K2 E2 - 23.10.09