Mugler AG wins local Leipzig DVB-T contract

October 24, 2009

The media authority for the German state of Saxony, SLM, has announced the commissioning of Mugler AG by the Bundesnetzagentur to build the technical infrastructure for the local DVB-T network in the city of Leipzig.

Over the past year SLM organised the Überallfernsehen | lokal trial, in which low power digital terrestrial transmitters would allow local broadcasters to reach audiences in a cost-effective way. Until now, Leipzig Fernsehen, BBC World, Bibel TV Stiftung, info-tv-leipzig, Radio Leipzig and Radio Horeb were part of this trial.

Mugler AG will now build a network of five low power transmitters with a potential reach of 200,000 households in the city.

“We very much hope that our model, given the large number of local TV stations in Germany, is an attractive example to follow.”said Deitenbeck Martin, CEO of SLM, in a statement.

In December, the city of Leizpig will also see the launch of the Viseo+ platform with six channels from the RTL Group on a local DVB-T transmitter.