LBC woman to be lashed by Saudis
Chris Forrester

LBC, a Lebanese satellite TV station backed by Saudi billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, has been in hot water lately over an outspoken TV show. The programme featured a Saudi Arabian airlines staffer who spoke of his sexual conquests in Saudi Arabia. Now a female LBC journalist, who works in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, is to receive 60 lashes, apparently just for her work connected with the channel.

Marzen Jawad, who boasted of his behaviour, was sentenced to 1000 lashes, and 5 years in jail, on October 7, for appearing in the show ‘Bold Red Line’ in which he claimed it was easy to pick up women in the Kingdom.

News agency Agence France Presse (AFP) reported Oct 24 that Rozana al-Yami has just been sentenced to 60 lashes, even though she was only a part-time employee for the broadcaster. The trial saw all charges against her for being involved with the show, which created a notorious scandal in Saudi Arabia. LBC is one of the two most popular channels broadcasting over the Middle East.

However, AFP reports that al-Yami, aged 22, is still to be lashed. The judge mentioned LBC had lacked the appropriate operating licence for Saudi Arabia, reported AFP. “They just said the channel was illegal. But the Saudi minister of information himself appeared on LBC a couple of weeks ago," al-Yami added.

Yami, 22, until recently a reporter for the Arabic women's magazine Roaa, said she did not know when her sentence would be carried out. She does not plan an appeal, saying she feared she could end up with a harsher sentence, stated AFP.

The Bold Red Line show, which was deliberately designed to be provocative and to highlight normally taboo subjects, has now been dropped from the satellite channel, but is still available to viewers in Lebanon.