- Based on DGS 11102


- Based on DGS 11102
- Newcs, mgcamd-1.33, incubus and mbox are installed, but are pre-configured only newcs and mgcamd.
- News busybox stable 1.4.13 installed.
The shell commands so that all the work, and the shell has a continuous history.
Moreover, the text editor nano is still attached to the console.
- Own card drivers.
- DHCP boot-bug is fixed.
- Beta version of the WebIF installed with support for TwinTuner WebTv (Thanks LaneThe2nd!)
- Streaming Player sbox fixed (server part):
Works better with encrypted channels, the quality of the stream.
- Changes to shorten boot scripts at boot time
- Color keys covered with scripts to change emus (see below)
- And other minor changes ...

The image gibts erstmal only for the 9000s, more boxes will be consequences as I have time and especially testers find smile

Wish you much fun with it