[25.10] Another skins Update. Now for ALL. Gemini2 & CVS images...

What's new;
- added "CryptInfo" to my new converter. It show Crypt name in main infobar (big Thx for my friend @Cooloser for big Help and great job)
- some updates for cvs skins (and many for Gemini2)
- skins are ready for Gemini2 v450...

Remember to update all files!

CVS versions tetsed with latest OoZooN image

New skins are not for older Gemini2 images! You can use them with GP2 v440 but you need update your Image. Here and Here you can download all needed files / addons for update! If you have problem with update then just wait for New Gemini2 release. Skins are ready for Gemini2 v450

New "Cryptnfo" is shown only with Infinity_HD/lite (gp2 & cvs) skins. In other skins there's no place for it. If you want add this info yourself where you want...

There's no more Kerni HD1 update from me (no time for this skin)