FSA promotes healthy eating on UKTV show

Monday, October 26 2009, 14:25 GMT

By Andrew Laughlin,

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has agreed a sponsorship deal with UKTV to promote healthy eating around the new Family Supercooks show.

Designed by ad agency RKCR, the series of promo idents features 17 different animated versions of foodstuffs, including apricots and potatoes, voiced by actors.

In the ten-second snippets, the healthy food items argue and bicker with their less healthy alternatives, including a grilled sausage being scared by a greasy, fried banger.

Hosted by Amanda Lamb and chef Paul Merrett, Family Supercooks premieres tonight on UKTV's subscription channel Good Food.

Partially-funded by the FSA, the show is designed to demonstrate how families can still eat the foods they love by simply shifting to healthier options.

"We were keen to take a light, engaging, humorous and 'inclusive' approach to eating," said FSA acting head of marketing Kate Frankum, "where nothing's off the menu but still raising awareness about how to make your everyday diet that little bit healthier."

Speaking to Mad, RKCR creative director Damon Collins added: "Creating healthy eating habits is a massive ongoing challenge. This campaign uses humour and some admittedly bonkers imagery to educate people in a way that doesn't feel preachy or lecturing."