Samsung unveil a prototype 55in 3D TV

Joining a growing band of major manufacturers who are betting that the technology will become mainstream in the near future, Samsung have unveiled a prototype 55in 3D TV.

Samsung are confident that they have circumvented one of the major problems with 3D systems, 'blurring'. Their alternative framing technology provides a slightly different perspective to each eye through shutter glasses.

Of course, the mention of the need for special glasses once again raises the issue of just how mainstream the technology can become with the requirement for custom made goggles. A number of industry commentators believe that 3D will only take off if and when a usable system without the need for additional equipment materializes.

Samsung, along with other manufacturers, have been working on autosteroscopic displays which don't require glasses for the 3D effect. The technology is unlikely to be in a useable consumer form anytime soon however and certainly not until some time after systems which require glasses are introduced