Dream Multi Media (DMM) comes with new tuners for the DM 8000. The old (current) are no longer made. When it will take place is unknown. The new tuners will have Blind Scan, a feature which most users will not be so important.

These new tuners, BCM4506 (internal tuner) and BCM4505 (DVB-S2 tuner plug), so will cope Blind Scan. With the current software will not function directly as possible.
"Ghost", one of the DMM developers, has told - once he has some time before - it will fit into the software.

Most will wonder: what is Blind Scan ....

Blind Scan is a special channel-search function for satellite receivers and DVB-T receivers.

Since 2003 there have been recipients of the Blind Scan function on the market. It is possible the entire frequentiespecturm of a satellite to search without specifying's frequency, symbol rate and no other settings.

In satellite intended for direct reception, such as Astra, the search is performed by using a Transponder table (NIT). This NIT is the administrator at several satellite transponders available. Some satellite operators is known to cause these network tables, or insufficient maintenance. A Blind Scan function will result in such cases. For satellites such as Astra and Eutelsat will barely function some advantage.

There are also channels that are new and not included in the NIT and not be found. Because all possible frequencies and symbol rates can be searched to find a very long time.

Blind Scan is sometimes called Smart Scan