Freeview Oz plans new push, TiVo presence


Freeview Australia has welcomed Seven Network’s plans for its digital channel 7Two, unveiled last week, and has promised a new marketing campaign for next month, to coincide with the platform’s first birthday. The platform’s logo is also set to be included on the home page of the Australian version of PVR service TiVo.

In less than 12 months, all the free-to-air networks have launched digital channels as part of the Freeview initiative, with public broadcaster the ABC due to launch its third channel, ABC3, shortly.

Freeview CEO Robin Parkes said: “The launch of 7Two signals an important milestone for Freeview. We have delivered on our objective to have all the free-to-air networks launch their digital channels in a year and we are very pleased to say that we have achieved that goal – and there’s more to come.

“Freeview will premiere its new marketing campaign at our first birthday event later next month, which will showcase all the great content consumers can receive for free with digital TV and will include 7Two and the soon to launch ABC kids channel, ABC3.”

The announcement of 7Two follows the recent launches of Nine Network’s Go!, Ten Network’s One and SBS Two.

Freeview will also get a boost from the introduction of its logo to the TiVo Central Screen home page, with users directed to “Watch Freeview” rather than the existing direction to “Watch Live TV”. Seven Media Group, which owns a stake in Seven Network, is also part-owner of TiVo’s Australian licensee, Hybrid TV Services. But the change required the go-ahead from TiVo in the USA.

Hybrid TV CEO Robbee Minicola said: “We are proud to display the Freeview name on our TiVo 'home page' within the TiVo Central menu as the Freeview brand represents more than digital TV…The benefits of switching from analogue to digital TV with a TiVo media device are no longer about picture and sound quality or viewing. The benefits are now about a content portfolio that rivals pay television without any impact on the viewer's wallet.”