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Thread: Pace introduces HD multiroom

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    Pace introduces HD multiroom

    Pace introduces HD multiroom
    October 27, 2009

    by David Allen

    The UK based set top box manufacturer Pace has finally launched its highly advanced multiroom digital video recorder or DVR.

    This new technology connects set top boxes around the home without the need for any wiring, therefore making it much easier for consumers to receive digital TV in other parts of the home.

    This is the first product capable of connecting the entire home to digital TV to enter the market.

    It will also allow each TV connected to it to make full use of the dual tuner HD DVR function, which clearly demonstrates just how advanced this system is.

    Using NAS technology the device is capable of supporting nine HD streams at once, while allowing for six HD programmes to be recorded all at the same time.

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    Arrow Pace brings Multiroom DVR to market

    Pace brings Multiroom DVR to market

    October 27, 2009

    Pace has launched a new multiroom DVR for the cable sector, linking the recording functionality with Roviís Interactive Programme Guide (IPG) and Connected Platform software.

    The Saltaire-based firm is showing the Home Content Sharing (HCS) technology at the CTAM Summit in Denver, Colorado, where the US market can be said to be ahead of Europe when it comes to whole home solutions.

    The Pace product delivers full dual tuner HD-DVR functionality to each connected television in the home. The product is built around a single Network Attached Storage (NAS) device that provides centralised storage and enables multiple non-DVR set-top boxes in the home to access and share recorded content. The Rovi IPG then adds an advanced graphical interface.

    In all this implementation of HCS can distribute nine simultaneous HD streams throughout the home, allowing up to six streams to be recorded, while maintaining full trick mode capability.

    Roviís Connected Platform then adds music, video, photos and internet content, delivered using DLNA-, UPnP- and DTCP-IP-compliant devices via the home data network.

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