Vivendi calls for 'three-strikes' in UK

Jean-Bernard Levy, the chief executive of Vivendi, has said the UK government needs to bring in a "three-strikes" policy that would ultimately cut off persistent illegal filesharers.

Speaking at the UK government's Creativity & Business International Network conference he said that while it was too soon to gauge the results of the introduction of the "three-strikes" policy in France, it was a necessary step to protect content owners. "Britain should be more in favour of developing the media industries and even if France is ahead in legislation it should be obvious (that the UK should) be doing something like three strikes."

Levy said Vivendi, despite owning one of France's largest internet service providers, SFR, it was convinced the tough legislative strategy would not harm internet use. He added that he expected no real reduction in legal web traffic.

"ISPs should be in favour of legislation," he argued, because a lot of the massive investment to increase broadband capacity was going into supplying bandwidth used by illegal net users.