Satellite iDirect in Iraq

iDirect has supplied over $8 million of equipment to fifteen satellite commercial service providers in Iraq using it’s hub technology and offering broadband IP services. Together these providers run around 1,000 iDirect remote-site VSAT routers in Iraq. While many of these providers began serving the Department of Defense or reconstruction projects an increasingly large number are being devoted to strictly commercial service for the local population.

iDirect Technologies is a mid-sized Reston, VA broadband satellite technology company manufacturing central hubs and remote satellite routers.
iDirect manufactures its products using 95% American content. The company has grown its workforce by 40% in the last year in order to meet demand for its products and services in Iraq and globally. The benefits to Iraq are numerous as cutting edge, next-generation technology is being introduced and infrastructure is developed to accommodate it.

According to Josh Cohen, New Business Development Manager, “iDirect Technologies has benefited greatly from the export opportunities associated with Iraq, as our “next-generation” broadband IP VSAT technology is ideal for an environment like Iraq where the terrestrial telecom infrastructure is poor or non-existent. Our technology provides for an extremely robust, application-rich solution for high-speed internet access, VOIP, video-conferencing and telemedicine. iDirect’s hope is that as the situation in Iraq stabilizes, that we can build on our early success of our technology in the country and be part of Iraq’s longer-term telecommunications development.

VT iDirect (iDirect), a subsidiary of VT Systems, is transforming the way the world gets and stays connected. The company’s satellite-base IP communications technology enables constant connectivity for voice, video and data applications in diverse and challenging environments.