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Thread: Help Sport TV

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    Help Sport TV

    Alguem tem os codigos actualizados para a sportv? O meu deixou de dar :(


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    Re: Help Sport TV

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    Re: Help Sport TV

    Esse link da erro

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    Re: Help Sport TV

    amigo 2 solucoes

    1 - a sport tv serve-seda key 01 que e esta FB E9 D1 4B 9B 0D 49 2A .
    2 - se por acaso tiveres a key certa tenta fazer novamente a busca
    supondo que tens o resto da cabo a trabalhar..........
    espero que tenha sido util se nao der diz coisas


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    Re: Help Sport TV

    ja agora tenta a busca neste transporder

    11851 H SR 27500 FEC 3/4

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    Re: Help Sport TV

    would anyone be able to tell me if it is possible to get tvcabo with an fta reciever?

    thank you

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    Re: Help Sport TV

    hi partner

    off course you need to begin a receiver ,choose well the brand and type and then just study a little bit here and get the files for the receiver.
    are you new in this wold or fresch at this ?
    how much do you want to spend ?
    do you want a good receiver ?

    the better at this point the best is dreambox but very expensive
    you have kaon and edision cheep for 50 - 150 euros working just fine
    there s a lot of possibilites .
    but remember choose a brand well nown (better for get the files )

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