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    is tv cabo available with free ti air receivers???

    thank you

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    Re: tvcabo

    just to say - no

    best regards

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    Re: tvcabo

    thanks for the reply.
    would you be able to tell me what kind of equipment i would need to get hispsat 30.0w???

    also where are you located?

    thank you

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    Re: tvcabo

    theres a lot of possiblities just pick a well none receiver brand like humax5400z - 200euros or dreambox 7000 -500 euros or edition 2100- 50 euros or kaon 570 - for about 100euros .... theres a lot ...
    after that you need just the firmware posted here for your model
    and the kit (lbn,platte) for point in the sattelite one of 60cm should do the job.
    by the way i m a portuguese living in germany (stuttgart) south of germany.

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