KPN to launch HD on IPTV service

October 28, 2009

Dutch incumbent KPN is to launch HD television on its IPTV Interactieve TV service in the second quarter of next year. The operator reports continued growth for its television services and expects to reach the 1 million mark in 2010.

KPN is currently in the process of updating its copper network by upgrading to VDSL2 across the network. From Q2, 2010, tje operator will upscale its IPTV platform as well as introduce HD channels on the service.

At the end of the third quarter of this year, KPN said it has 924,000 digital TV customers. About 70,000 of those subscribe to the IPTV service, the terrestrial digital TV platform Digitenne now has about 854,000 subscribers. The operator said it has raised the monthly subscription fee to EUR 8.50.

According to KPN, they now have 13% of the total television market in the country; their share of the digital TV market remains stable at 22%. Below is the chart, issed by KPN, recording the progress of their two television platforms.