KabelBW launches VOD with On Demand Deutschland

By Robert Briel
October 28, 2009 10.23 UK

Kabel BW has announced it has signed a partnership deal with On Demand Deutschland to launch a VOD service on the network. As the first major cable operator in Germany, Kabel BW will be able to offer blockbuster Hollywood movies of nearly all major studios as well as top TV series, and music videos as “true VOD”.

The operator said it will launch the service “early in 2010″.

Bernd Schlötterer, CEO of OnDemand Deutschland and the Tele München Group, said in a statement: “We are bringing, together with Kabel BW, a new era of movie enjoyment. We will provide a wide selection of current blockbusters as well as classic movies. This will be fantasticly simple and simply fantastic. ”

Beberweil Stefan, head of product management at Kabel BW, added: “For the first time our consumers can enjoy movies in “true video on demand”. That means that movies can be ordered directly and instantly via the remote control. “