Dreambox player and streamer 5.1

Dreambox streaming to internet,it was never easy like this
Streaming dreambox channels to internet in 6 steps

1 - Install the program from the link below.
2 - Create and update dynamic dns address.
3 - Open and forward port 1234 to your computer IP.
4 - Fill created dynamic dns address and choose your. internet speed from settings.
5 - Hit start streaming from the program.
6 - Take the appearing internet address and use it with. windows media player and enjoy your dreambox anywhere.

Note: For better internet streaming form Enigma 1 dreambox i advise pli-jade image

Additional features…

1 - Playing enigma 1 and 2 dreamboxes on local computer
2 - View hd channels on pc from hd capable dreambox
3 - Record E1 and E2 dreambox channels on pc