COM DEV Delves Into $12 Million Civil Space Program

COM DEV International Ltd. [TSX:CDV], a producers of space hardware subsystems, informed its appointment to begin major subsystem development and manufacturing work for a civil space satellite. COM DEV is responsible for designing, building and testing of advanced radio-frequency (RF) electronics. Following the settlement of final terms and conditions, the Company expects to sign a full contract valued in excess of CDN$12 million. COM DEV expects to complete work on the program within approximately the next two years at its facilities in Cambridge, Ontario.
“We are pleased to be an integral part of a program that will provide important information to scientists who are looking to better understand the Earth’s global climate issues,” informed John Keating, CEO of COM DEV International. “This program enables us to demonstrate our diverse engineering competencies and deliver an integrated subsystem to a customer who can then concentrate on the overall mission aspects.”

The satellite is part of continuing effort on the part of scientists to monitor and understand the processes which govern the behavior of the Earth’s global climate and its changes. COM DEV’s equipment will be responsible for detecting and processing extremely faint signals created by atmospheric conditions in the field of view of the satellite.