New EchoStar boxes for Poles

Echostar Europe, the set-top box division of EchoStar Corp, said it has started supply of two of its high-definition products, one a digital-recording device, to Polish satellite-TV platform Cyfrowy Polsat.

The DSB-7200 HD set-top box STB has already been made available to Polish consumers and the DVR-7400 HD digital video recorder (DVR) has now been launched. The first, which is a new EchoStar Europe product, enables reception of both MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 encoded channels, and contains a USB and an Ethernet port to support high-bandwidth two-way services. The unit is being supplied through Cyfrowy Polsat’s network of retailers for lease.

“We are delighted to expand our cooperation with Cyfrowy Polsat in supplying them with two new high-definition products,” said Rick Smith, VP Sales and Marketing, EchoStar Europe. “As with any other market, high definition offers the consumer the opportunity to get the most out of their television viewing experience and the addition of digital video recording creates the ultimate in convenience. We feel that this is an exciting time for Polish consumers and strongly believe that this new service will be highly successful.”

“As the leading satellite operator in Poland, it is important that we are able to deliver an advanced portfolio of services to enable us to attract new customers and satisfy existing subscribers – we see HD and DVR as being instrumental to this goal,” said Dominik Libicki, CEO of Cyfrowy Polsat. “We have been working with EchoStar Europe for a number of years and they continue to support us with high quality, cost effective products to enable us to launch new services and stay ahead of the competition.”