iPhone application iDriver controls Spirit of Berlin car

iPhone application iDriver controls Spirit of Berlin car
By John Beveridge
Herald Sun
October 29, 2009 02:00am

IT SEEMS there are very few limits to how smart our smartphones can get.

Computer scientists at Free University in Berlin have raised the bar with an iPhone application to remotely drive a car.

Of course, this is no ordinary car.

Dubbed the Spirit of Berlin, it uses GPS, Wi-Fi, a dashboard video camera and laser 3D sensors to allow it to be driven remotely.

At the end of all that technology is a customised iPhone application called iDriver which shows the view out of the windscreen and parts of the touch screen which can be used to steer, brake and accelerate.

In short, it is a similar system to that used by James Bond in Tomorrow Never Dies to escape from a sticky situation and way ahead of the simple shoe phone used by Maxwell Smart in Get Smart.

The range on the car is apparently good enough for the user to navigate it remotely all the way down a four-storey car park before the car picks up the driver.