Hey all,

I have been thinking about getting the Asiasat 3S (C-band) decrypted for a while now. Most of you do know that every Transponder used on any Sat is leased by a Satellite TV Provider. They each have a encoded name, such as 6F 01, etc. I have noticed that the Pansat 2700A with any updated BIN automatically changes the Provider Name once the correct Provider ID has been entered.

There are many key grabbing utilities around the web, many of them have a field to enter the Provider ID and key value. From this it would have a good chance to find the keys that you are looking for.

Remember, this is a Theory I came up with and I would appreciate if you could comment on this. The issue now is to find the Satellite TV Provider ID Table/List. It should be registered with some government body, which I do not know about. It could be a little big, but would be so worth the search.

Again, drop a line, this is a discussion yeah!