Sky Player on Xbox 360 explained

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Sky have extended there 'on-demand' TV service, already available on the mac and pc, to the Xbox 360 games console and added some interesting social networking features.

Sky are hoping that new as well as existing Sky TV subscribers will take advantage of the new service which is available to Xbox Live Gold members paying £60 per year (to play games across Microsoft’s network). Basic packages are available starting at £15 a month.

The focus of Sky Player on Xbox 360 is a range of on-demand programmes (with a selection of live sporting action) in line with the owners Sky TV subscription.

Those who already subscribe to Sky will need to pay an extra fee to access live, rather than library content, Sky not wanting to damage their multiroom subscriber base. Multiroom subscribers who are also Xbox Live members however, will receive the full service for free.

Sky Player is likely to appeal to existing Xbox 360 owners who will now be able to watch Sky programmes directly through their TV and without the need to install a satellite dish or set-top box.

Sky are also hoping that some of the social networking features attached to Sky Player will attract a whole new group of users. Viewers of live football matches will for example be able to invite fellow subscribers to watch with them in a virtual environment.

Sky’s Director of On-Demand content, Griffin Parry, confirmed that: "This initiative is designed both for existing Sky subscribers and for people who, for whatever reason, either do not want or are not able to fit a satellite dish to their homes."