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Thread: StreamMeNG 0.70 final release

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    StreamMeNG 0.70 final release

    StreamMeNG 0.70 released - StreamMeNG 0.70 released

    Version 0.70 Final (29.10.09)
    The aim of this version is the theme of "stabilization and optimization"

    Bug fixes:
    * The message "channel not available" when switching within the mini-telly should
    have done.
    * The flicker of the desktop when clicking in the channel list, etc. should be finally fixed in XP.
    * I have the Web client interface a little revised, is now significantly faster.
    * The Web interface client no longer is cracking down, making the recordings no longer disturbed '
    * Cursor Handling is fixed.
    * Short Cuts now go through all masks.
    * Evil in the host manager Bug: Did not save new scheduled recordings, and the
    Achieved record time punk was created when saving a thread - inconsistency, the inclusion of security
    was thus inferred.
    * The message routing, I have reviewed, which now also take short-cuts in the mini-telly.
    * Memory leak fixed.
    * Fix timeout in Web Interface client.
    * Fix TS Ananlyser (buffer size)
    * MPEGDecorderTread now cached internally ne half a second, take more rest purely in the mini-telly.
    * Still a little nasty Feher in copy constructor of the PID arrays found.
    * Exception "false application context" when switching / stopping the mini telly is fixed.
    * Switching telly in the Mini did a little revision.
    * Minor bug fixes

    New features:
    * The splash dialog when you start the program now displays what is being done.
    * General speed when switching / start in the mini-telly.
    * The managers are now receiving the appropriate EPG - read information super fast.
    * There is no more flickering in the host - Manager.
    * The wait cursor is now in all the masks as it should be, including Mini - telly.
    * The calendar will now appear landestypisch (THX Karla Maria) for the code.
    * The mini-telly now has a channel - History.

    * New keyboard layout in the mini-telly:
    * Use [UP] and [DOWN] You can now telly in the Mini, the History Channel to retrieve.
    * H with [] or [H] Your calls the History Channel - the mini-dialogue on telly.
    * With [z] or [Z] calls you the Shift - the mini-dialogue on telly.
    * Use [] or [F] f you switch to fullscreen mode on / off.
    * Use [i] or [I] or [Return] calls you on the mini-EPG.
    * Use [UP] Your reverts in the history of a channel.
    * Use [DOWN] Your turn in the history before a channel.
    * With [t] or [T] You turn the title bar on / off.
    * With [b] or [B] Your switches the display buffer on / off.
    * Up with [+] / [-] volumn / down.
    * With [m] or [M] You turn the sound on or off.
    * With [c] or [C] calls her on the subchannel selection dialog.
    * The mini telly is now finished with [SHIFT] [ESC] or [ALT] [F4].


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    Re: StreamMeNG 0.70 final release

    StreamMeNG 0.72a released

    Version 0.72 Final (01.12.09)


    New features:
    * The Mini fits telly dynamic performance of the PC (so far as it goes).
    * When setting up the receiver will now examine the connectivity and if it does not go reported.
    * (E1) of the subchannels e.g. Sports portal should now be able to be read (Bosmann THX for the tip & Hudriwudri for testing).
    * (E1) receiver is now well recognized (if it is the function available).
    * (E1) (E2) (DBOXII) sub-channels can now be programmed directly from the host - Manager.
    * (E1) (E2) (DBOXII) Is the web interface is protected now and when accessing the stream - the proxy
    Sent with authentication.
    * If (E1) (E2) (DBOXII) zuereichen your receiver via DNS, you can now also under the receiver settings
    Specify the name and enable DHCP.
    * (E1) (E2) (DBOX) under Settings / receiver you can now set the default timeout for EUERE CAM switching,
    particular CS freaks will be interested ...
    * (E2) (DBOX) The proxy support for the host manager works as far as I could test it.

    Bug Fixes:
    * For an initial installation / receiver change is now the receiver under Settings / receiver settings correctly identified.
    * (DBOXII) Changes in the Streaminging - Server will now attack) immediately (THX Bommel.
    * (E1) fuming wg. Errors in a format specification for the trace monitor fixed (I just have to drink less beer lol).
    * Several errors in a central thread class with respect to GUI events are resolved.
    * The mini telly now need less computing power.
    * Hops mini no more telly with the audio at low performace computers (as far as it goes.)
    * Bug Fix wg. Recordings in the host - Manager corrected, it will disappear neither an entry nor runs the Aufnhamen
    into "infinity".
    *) (DBOX2 Even the old receiver with less memory will now be taken into account when switching, "The channel
    can not be received is fixed.
    * If the host list is clicked, then the correct entries selected in the lists.
    * (E1) (E2) (DBOX) Settings / receiver with the handling of re-entering the IP address, USER, and PWD, the receiver
    is revised.
    * When finished StreamMeNg and there lüppt an access to the web interface, there is no more evaporation.
    * (E1) (E2) (DBOX) I have the read function of the Web interface for clients 2x revised wg. the proxy story.
    So those are some nasty stuff came out: It is socket signaliert-Close, but still read. This had the
    Result that may not all been read.
    * I have to switch between different settings Reciver changed again, now without lüppt
    * Recorded on the recording manager should now run again.
    * Div. Selection problem in the host manager are fixed.
    * Div. Problems storing the receiver settings are fixed.
    * Editierproblem in "Overview periodic images is fixed."
    * Fuming period in "overview. Recording is fixed."
    * (DBOX2) I even have the streaming server has updated.
    * The inclusion list will now be deleted only with a removable receiver.
    * Fuming when uninstalling / software update fixed.
    * Minor bug fixes.

    THX to Marta.Pfahl

    Download English version

    Download German version

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