OLED displays to dramatically fall in price


OLED displays are widely recognised to be highly-desirable in terms of screen brightness, and low power demands. A 15” display is expected to hit the shops next month, but it won’t be cheap. And larger displays are simply not available. LG has some strong opinions on what’s likely to happen next.

"Forty-inch and larger OLED panels will be fairly expensive in 2012, but they will be available in the market," said Won Kim, VP of OLED sales and marketing, at a trade show in Japan last week. But he offered an optimistic vision, saying: "OLED panels will cost less than LCD panels in 2016."

Of course, by 2016 it might be that LCD and Plasma displays will be so cheap as to be almost given away! Meanwhile, Sony, despite its market leadership with an 11” OLED display, has said it is delaying OLED ramp-up and thus leaving market exploitation to LG and Samsung.