Croatia's Iskon offers 30% discount on TV packages

Share Croatian telco Iskon is offering a three-month discount of 30% on all its TV packages to new customers of its IPTV service 'Iskon.TV' who sign up before the end of November.

Under the offer, new customers of the package 'Iskon.TRIO' (offering 43 TV channels, 60 minutes of fixed-line telephone calls and a 3 Mbps broadband connection) will pay HRK 146.30 (US$ 29.89) per month for the first three months instead of HRK 209. The 'Iskon.TRIO Super Package' (offering 43 TV channels, unlimited fixed-line phone calls and broadband speeds of up to 5 Mbps) is thus also reduced from HRK 279 per month to HRK 195.30 per month for the first three months.

Iskon launched its IPTV service 'Iskon.TV' in April 2009 and offers subscribers over 40 standard-definition linear channels to subscribers located in nine cities across the country, as well as Internet surfing and interactive services such as video-on-demand and network-PVR functionality.