Doetz: Unencrypted broadcast was a mistake

Jürgen Doetz, president of the Association of Private Broadcasting and Telemedia (VPRT), remains committed to a basic encryption of the private program.

In an interview with the service sector "Digital Insider" gives the representative is a primary interest of the German commercial television that it was wrong for the digitization of broadcast, TV stations like the analog transmission unencrypted.

Yes, it was and is a mistake to build an infrastructure and that is not in a position to address," said Doetz in the service. Unlike a pay-TV channel, which would hand over any of its customers with a smart card for receiving the encrypted programs that free TV stations any customer.

At times the approach of advertising revenue will this contact, however, always important for the station, they said.
In an interview Doetz also defended the claims of private channels, which prevent ad-skipping, so the fast forward the commercial break when taking pictures, too. "If the consumer no longer accepts advertising, it must logically give up the programs offered, or just pay for it," declared the President to VPRT "Digitzal insiders".