Kalam Proposes World Space Council.

Washington: Former Indian President APJ Abdul Kalam has proposed creation of “World Space Council” for global cooperation in the planning and implementation of space exploration and security missions.

Such a unified approach will enable the world to see a quantum jump in the progress in space science and technology for the benefit of all the nations of the world,” Kalam stated in his speech at the University of Central Florida in Orlando.

Proposing his idea of a “World Space Vision 2050,” Kalam added it has three main components: large-scale societal missions and low-cost access to space, comprehensive space security, and space exploration and current application missions.
“I believe that 21st century aerospace ventures will be more global, in view of unique space missions, technological complexities, high costs and risks,” he said.

Pointing to the success of the Chandrayan-1, India’s first unmanned lunar probe, he said this is an example of how those nations who have space technologies can work together.
“The Chandrayaan-1 success further reinforces my firm belief that the space-faring nations have to work on a World Space Vision 2050,” Kalam said.

Addressing more than 500 students of the University of Southern Florida, he said that the global community of space-exploring nations should pool its resources to reduce costs considerably in pressing on towards the moon, Mars and beyond.

The global cooperation of a plan like “World Space Vision 2050″ would “enhance the quality of human life, inspire the spirit of space exploration, expand the horizons of knowledge and ensure space security for all nations of the world,” he said.

“Given his impressive scientific and political background, it is not surprising Kalam’s presentation was so far-reaching and inspiring,” Anil Deshpande, a member of the organising committee for Kalam’s visit and a board member of The India Program at UCF, said.