SeeSaw reveals brand identity

By Julian Clover
November 3, 2009

Broadband-based video-on-demand service SeeSaw has revealed its brand identity.

Static and animated logos have been created for the Arqiva-owned operation by Rudd Studio. They will feature both on the SeeSaw platform itself and in a through the line marketing campaign. A number of idents have been created to reflect specific programme genres.

“SeeSaw will provide viewers with a consumer-friendly, easy-to-navigate, video on demand service and the brand identity reflects this,” explained Maya Bhose, SeeSaw’s head of brand marketing.

The company was briefed to provide a clear and intelligent consumer facing look that brought to life the concept of customers being able to play on demand programme. The result is a white triangular play button cut out of a larger turquoise button that faces in the opposite direction. The buttons sit next to the double decker SeaSaw typography that uses the Neo Sans font.