Boxer plays triple play game

November 3, 2009

Nordic DTT operation Boxer has announced plans to add broadband and telephony to its DTT pay services. Boxer Trippel will be launched across Sweden from early 2010.

“By offering three services in a single subscription, we are challenging telecom and broadband operators, while defending our position as the leading digital TV operator”, said Per Norman, CEO of Boxer. “Our customers want broadband and telephony, but most important is that they easily have good TV reception. Therefore, it makes sense that we are a TV broadcaster who has broadband and telephony, not a telecommunications and broadband company that has added television.”

The defence of Boxer’s position is vital now that Sweden, Denmark and Finland have all completed analogue switch-off. As of September 30, 2009, Boxer had 947,000 subscribers, a loss of 2,000 on the previous quarter, and including the 269,000 from the acquisition of Finland’s PlusTV.

In a swipe at Sweden’s burgeoning IPTV services, Boxer says that its TV services can be viewed on multiple TVs rather than one, and that because the TV and broadband connections are separate they do not take capacity from each other.

The price for the Boxer Mix package that includes speeds of up to 2 Mbps is SEK 399. Speeds of 8 Mbps and 24 Mbps are also available at SEK 439 and SEK 489 respectively