Leipzig FTTH network launches

November 3, 2009

HL Komm, the citynet of Leipzig, has launched a triple play offer on its FTTH network in three parts of the city under the An! brand name. Customers can buy a basic analogue TV package of 50 channels for EUR 12.95 a month.

An! has a number of package available starting with a 50 Mbps broadband connection and telephony for EUR 24.95 a month; with the addition of the TV bouquet, both analogue and digital, the monthly cost is EUR 34.95. The top rate proecut is the Premium An!schluss, with 100 Mbps broadband, flat rate telephony and television for EUR 49.95 a month.

The new provider, which competes with the local cablenet, only offers its service in three areas of Leizpig, where the fibre-to-the-home network is available. In a remarkable move, An! also offers an analogue bouquet of TV channels, so all TV sets in the homes including those with just an analogue tuner can be connected to the new service.