New Fire Distribution Filesystem available 04/11/2009

Working with bootloader from 25/09/2009
After 2 months of hard development this new distribution beta is started!
What is Fire Distribution? Read more here

What’s new?

This is the first Beta distribution.
The features mentioned below are the difference against the stable version
from 2009.10.30


Upgrade to Kernel


Updated framebuffer and DVB engine drivers. These sub-systems have been reworked and have changed from the classic stable distribution.
DVB-T tuner driver: Now it shows its ID correctly in Enigma2.


Improved HDD mounting/unmounting with dynamic devices detection.
HDD and partitions support:
Supported HDD:
2.5″ and 3.5″ USB internal and external
HDD partitions are mounted in /media/hdd, /media/hdd1, /media/hdd2 and so on
The following cases are supported when mounting a HDD:
1. A HDD with a single partition.
2. A HDD with multiple partitions. Partitions can be mounted in any order in /media/hddN. eg. A HDD with 2 partitions sda1 and sda2 can be mounted in /media/hdd1 and /media/hdd, respectively.

3. Support for swap partitions. If a HDD has one swap and one ext3 partition, the swap will be activated and the ext3 will be mounted in /media/hddN
4. Supported filesystems in playback (read mode): VFAT, NTFS (read-only), ext2, ext3, CIFS (Windows shares) and MSDOS.
5. Supported filesystems in recording (write mode): VFAT, ext2 (native) and ext3


- Zapping and the OSD navigation are faster.

- PVR is enabled but not 100% stable. Please test and report bugs.

- Fully or partially supported features:
Radio channels
Network browser
Wi-Fi interface

Known bugs:

- Configure a static IP address in LAN (eth) and then change it to WiFi WebInterface (partial):
- Configurable interface: set proper values at first time
- Zapping: both TV and radio
- Play of receorded TS
- Timers
- About menu: does NOT work
- Virtual Remote (via Web Interface): does NOT work
- JPEG and PNG supported
- Very large pictures may cause problems