UTStarcom awarded contract to provide radio & TV in Sichuan, China

UTStarcom Inc today announced a new customer deployment with the Bureau of Radio and Television of Santai County, Sichuan Province, a subsidiary of Beijing-based government agency SARFT, to resume their radio and television network capability following last year’s traumatic earthquake. The Bureau of Radio and Television of Santai County, Sichuan province is the project contractor.

UTStarcom will help resume radio and television networks in earthquake-stricken areas in Sichuan province via its end-to-end RollingStream® IPTV platform. Phase one of the deployment will cover 20,000 users, providing them with access to delivery channels, such as television and radio, for critical information.

After facilitating the first-response phase of the deployment including an improved technology adaptation, the long-term goal is to provide a benchmark of interactive multimedia services for radio and television content providers to develop their dual, broadband and multiple-services operations. Once completed, the residents of Santai County in the Sichuan province will have access to rich television programming at their fingertips, provided by the RollingStream® platform which is able to simultaneously launch 7,000 video streams.

According to the contract, the deployment is scheduled to start in November 2009. The project will be carried out in every earthquake-hit area in the Sichuan province, though the applied technologies will vary. Some areas will apply the traditional one-way digital TV model, while others will use interactive streaming media technology.