41 thousand people would like to remove concessionary fees


Cancellation of license fees to support the site over 41 thousand people. The proposal by MEP Edward Kožušník and Senator Richard Svoboda (both ODS). Actual petition signed by 5 months only 1167 signatories.

The petition was forwarded to the President of the Senate Premysl Sobotka shortly before the upper house decided to cancel the license fee.

Under the current proposal to the public media and CT ČRo from 2012 to replace the income from the canceled charges corresponding contribution from the state budget a total of 7.8 billion.

Fees are by authors of the proposal or the type of tax výpalného for monitoring TV and radio broadcasts. Both the media would change the financing costs saved over 300 million in collection fees.

Radio Prague and CT regarded as a threat to change the financing of independence. Both container and independent media are not now - the council elected members and they also determine the license fee increases as well.

Critics point out changes in funding, that funding for the State media could be regarded as illegal state aid or competition. Moreover, the operation of CT and ČRo contribute and those who are now exempt from charges.