Thomson and Canal bring first Connected TVs

By Robert Briel
November 4, 2009

MywishTV from Thomson is the first Connected TV on the French market that offers direct access to the Video On Demand Canalplay service from Canal+. It also serves as a media centre in the home with the ability to view locally stored personal content.

Viewers can access the Canalplay library offering over 7,000 titles of which 3,500 are movies, many of them in HD quality. According to Canal, about 90% of all current box office hits are available from the service.

The connected TV sets come equipped with wi fi making direct web access possible. The set also boosts a built-in flash memory capable of storing 4GB of media. Also included is a SD card reader for personal content or downloaded movies.

MywishTV also serves as a personal media centre with access to locally stored content such as movies, music and photos. Web access also includes the possibility to consume podcasts and web radio stations.

Thomson bring two models on the market, a 32″ (82 cm) model retailing at EUR 750 and a 40″ model (102 cm) at EUR 900. The sets are available from this month. Both sets have an integarted DVB-T tuner capable of MPEG2 and HD reception.