Liberty turns a corner

By Chris Dziadul
November 5, 2009 10.02 UK

Liberty Global has posted a net loss of $35.7 million (€24.2 million) for the third quarter, which is a considerable improvement on the $278.3 million recorded in Q3 2008. Its revenues meanwhile amounted to $2,824.2 million, reflecting a 4% rebased growth on a year earlier.

In the CEE region, take-up of digital cable services was most pronounced in Poland (+33,500 quarter-on-quarter) in Q3, followed by Hungary, though the Czech Republic still had the highest number of digital cable subscribers (361,600).

However, the Czech Republic also saw its DTH subscriber total fall by 3,500 in the third quarter.

In Western Europe, the highest growth in digital cable subscribers was seen in The Netherlands in the third quarter (+23,700). The Netherlands also recorded its best broadband internet quarter since 2007, adding 15,000 subscribers thanks largely to the success of UPC’s Fiber Power products.