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Thread: Latest AZBox HD Remote Control

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    Latest AZBox HD Remote Control

    AZrctrl Version 0.8.10

    AZBox HD Remote Control (AZrctrl)
    Version: 0.8.10
    Made in Brazil
    Programed by J2K @ XpeedClub
    Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 (or later) is need.
    Instalation: unpack and run.
    Tested with Firmwares: 0.9.3686
    Suggestions or report bugs to:
    Release History
    Release 0.8.10
    - Improvements and bugfixes:
    * Extend timeout for telnet operations to 10 seconds.
    * Channel list struct correction.
    Release 0.8.00
    - Channel List Editor
    * Get / put channel list direct from/to STB.
    * Import / export for backup or to share.
    * Delete; edit channel name; set/unset HD, Skip and Lock flags; change Genre, Country and Provider.
    * Search channel by key or sort list by any column.
    * Full management of favorites.
    - Improvements and bugfixes in Remote Control tab.
    Release 0.7.15
    - Virtual Keyboard for help fill text box in your AZbox
    Release 0.6.85 Beta
    - Remotely Control your AZBox by mouse ou keyboard.
    - Run custom scripts with sequences of commands.
    - Capture and show OSD screens (menus, lists, youtube, etc...).
    - Save these OSD screen shots.
    Coming Features:
    * System Status and Backup Utility
    * Reserved Record/Play Editor

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    Re: Latest AZBox HD Remote Control


    Version: 0.8.35

    Release History
    Release 0.8.35
    - Added capability to edit - and sort - channel category list (genre, country and provider).

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    Re: Latest AZBox HD Remote Control

    how should i install this? the dll files need to be placed in a specific folder?? just executing the exe file didnīt work for me.....

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    Re: Latest AZBox HD Remote Control

    this looks like an awesome peice of kit, but every time I refresh the channel list it crashes (running windows 7) and every time i get a screen capture its just black... ?

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