Hi everybody, the new version of KYNG Software is available in the downloads section it's version A2.13.
Fixed : (All Models) Bugs related to GBox protocol using the RS232.
Fixed : (All Models) The update of some Irdeto cards including those of Al Jazeera official cards.
Fixed : (M2S Plus) Reported CCcam issues and bugs.
Added: (Atlas-E/M3S2) Two versions of the software are now available for this model, one version that will coonect to only one server at a time. This "single connection" version also includes all the optimisations made for the sharing protocols. This version is suitable for those suffering from total software crashes.For those not having these annoying crashes, there is the "multi connection" version which includes every corrections made this far, as well as a new feature, "Server" option is now made availbale for users who want to share their cards or share cards to other sharing protocols to take advantage of the smart card capabilities of our software. Basically, through this option, an Atlas-E or an M2S Plus can act as a radegast server to other Atlas-E and M2S Plus clients as well as serving other CCcam servers to share Nagra, Abracadabra and many other non-supperted cards, through the Atlas-E and M2S Plus. We are trying hard to have support for the changes made to Sky cards, and with this added feature, servers will be able to use the Atlas-E and M2S plus as smart card readers.
Note 1: We will not try to implement support for any "dongle". The manufacterers are the ones supposed to addapt their hardware to work on most receivers, not the opposite. And since we are not convinced at all about all these "Dongles", we will not even try to understand how they work.
Note 2: We will continue trying to correct the crash problem on the multi connection version. But, it will not our top priority job. As you may know, we are also working on a totally new HD hardware and with these recent problems, we are very very very late about all this. Basically, what I am saying is that our top priority from now on, will be the HD hardware. This doesn't mean, we are dropping the present hardware models, but we will release versions for them only if we have a real important feature to add or some serious correction to make. Thanks every body and have fun.