YouSee digital subs increase 63%

November 6, 2009

Denmark’s YouSee has for the first time given details of the number of subscribers that take its digital services. The largest distributor in Denmark provides TV signals to 45% of the country.

One month ahead of Denmark’s nationwide analogue switch off on November 1, the TDC-owned network removed the encryption from some of its digital channels, allowing the basic services to be viewed by anyone with a DVB-C tuner in their television display.

The YouSee Plus product then allows customers access to further channels, on demand and Startover. The number of subscribers to YouSee Plus already stands at 155,000, a 63.2% increase on the 95,000 at the end of September 2008. 1,813,000 subscribers take the basic cable TV service YouSee (Clear) and 537,000 broadband internet.

Higher ARPU helped increase revenues by DKK 258m to DKK 2,652m. The acquisition of A+ at the beginning of June contributing to revenues by DKK 56m. EBITDA totalled DKK 847m in Q32009, up DKK 150m on 2008.