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Thread: CCcam 3.0.0 Soon

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    Thumbs up Script to restart CCcam if it stops responding

    here is the guide for Gemini 4.2!!

    Prepare this file in notepad and save it as

    if ps x |grep -v grep |grep -c CCcam >/dev/null
    echo "cccam... ok"
    echo "cccam... restarting"
    /var/bin/CCcam_2.0.8 &

    ftp the mentioned file to the dreambox into /var/script

    set the file attributes to 755.

    When the file is sent all must be done in the dm menu, so follow below steps:

    1. Press Blue button
    2. Press Extra/Setup
    3. Press Services/Daemon
    4. goto Crond section and press Setup
    5. Press New
    6. Now you have to decide how frequent you want this script to run example every 30mins ( In this case make sure you only have 30 in the minutes section)
    7. go on the last line Command and press ok ( A selection window should open)
    8. Select the script from the list, in this case you should look for or whatever name you used earlier to save it. press ok when you find the script and should return to the previous menu.
    9. Press Save once more and then exit.
    10. if all was done ok it should check if CCcam is running and if not it will start it for you!! You can test this by changing to common interface and wait for the ammount of minutes you specified earlier.

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    Re: CCcam 3.0.0 Soon

    lamer this is a very old post of fix for n3 suport suposed!

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