Da premettere che non so se funge veramente
script to start OSCAM CCcam 2.0.11 +.rar

script to start OSCAM CCcam 2.0.11 +
I did some tests with a DM7025 + BH 0.11, to me is the same mistake
/ usr / bin / OSCAM: 1: Syntax error: "(" unexpected

Anyway I thought I'd modify the script to CCcam, and then adapt
to start directly from the Nabilo Blue Panel OSCAM with CCcam 2.0.11,
I do not know why but with ver. 2.1.2 does not start it gave me an error.

Copy the file attachment directly in the / var / camscript - chmod 755
then press the blue button to access the Blue Panel and check if it works.
The script seems to work per se, the problem of course remains OSCAM.