LED TV enhances manufacturer profiles and boosts sales

With demand for LED TV's set to mushroom to around 90m units by 2013 (39% of the total market), manufacturers can't afford to ignore a potential sales bonanza and boost to their profile.

Possibly more than any other company, Sharp have illustrated how a rather staid LCD TV manufacturer can transform its image with the adoption of LED technology.

Up until recently, Sharp had been associated with rather workmanlike and not particularly dynamic LCD TV's. With the introduction of their LE600 and LE700 LED panels they have propelled themselves back onto the flat panel main stage.

Currently in the UK, consumers can choose from LED TV's supplied by Samsung, Sony, Philips, Sharp. More than any other manufacturer, the Korean manufacturer Samsung, has benefited from the introduction of LED TV's. Their competitively priced 6000, 7000 and 8000 series have demonstrated the performance benefits of the new technology and the buying public have been quick to respond. They are on course to sell around 2m LED TV's in 2009 and predict a massive 10m sales in 2010.

Hoping to make up for lost ground to other manufacturers, the Korean manufacturer LG has announced plans to introduce their visually stunning SL90 LED TV.

At just 1.15in thick, the SL90 features a "seamless" design which makes the whole unit above the stand look like it has been hewn from a solid piece of granite. A 42in and 47in version of the SL90 will be launched later this year. Bang & Olufsen have also announced that they will shortly introduce their BeoVision 10 LED enabled LCD TV.

If consumer response to LED TV technology continues apace, the technology could begin to dominate the LCD TV market within the next five years. If this is the case, it won't be too long before every manufacturer bases their whole TV line up on LED technology