Abertis pleased with telecoms
Iñaki Ferreras

Spain's main infrastructure and telecommunications network distributor Abertis registered a profit growth of 3.9% in the first nine months of this year.

Profits rose to €563 million from €541 million for the same period the previous year.

The company's telecommunications business revenues grew 23% in this period, to €390 million, 13% of the company's total business.

Total revenues also grew, up 5.8% between January and September this year to €2,956 million. EBITDA was €1,894 million, 7% more than in the same period last year.

Abertis is very pleased with its performance in the telecoms field as it is the sphere in which revenues are showing the most growth, now accounting for 13% of the company's total businesses.

The company’s stake in Eutelsat saw Abertis allocated €44 million, as well as €15.6 million from its stake in Hispasat.