CCcamInfoPHP Mod by OneStep Release 3

As mentioned by some an update expected by Mod
Started at a very big thank you to "Zorg" from the and ERMETHICAL of this project.

Shortly HOWTO!
I go from a local server and executable finished running CCcam server. For me running a Debian and the following packages are needed.

apt-get install apache2 rrdtool php5 hddtemp lm-sensors
Die directories / var and / etc contain the files and the plugin. The call of the CCCamInfo tools via euerserver / cccaminfo
The graphics I have separated, so that they can integrate into other sites.

Feedback and suggestions we would be pleased. plugin or mod info:
CCcamInfoPHP 4.0
Shell script added
Active clients on the server
Menu expanded
php scripts added
CCcamgraph-> entitlementstats involved in graphic analysis of ECMs and EMM on Local Map
Server Info -> state of the server (temperature & condition)